How Its Made


Every Manifest Design piece is truly a work of art. We like to use Artisanal techniques and materials in a form that is rarely used for Jewelry making.

In this collection we use the process of the great masters and begin each design by sculpting it in clay. It is then cast in Brass and Aluminum using the ancient metallurgy technique of Sand Casting.

It’s a time consuming process in which skilled craftsmen painstakingly create a new sand mold for each and every piece that must be broken apart for each and every Manifest Design Jewelry Piece.


Fine river sand is mixed with molasses to form these primal yet intricate two part molds.


Hot metal is hand poured in these and allowed to cool before the sand mold is broken apart to reveal the piece.



These one of a kind objects are  then individually sanded and polished to complete the process.


This low impact manufacturing technique is ideal for our organic pieces. It captures the softness of the Jewellery while adding to its beauty with a subtle grainy sand texture amongst other indelible marks.

We love all the little dents and nicks as we see them as signs of our pieces being entirely handcrafted by an Artisan and not mass-produced in a rubber mold.

We want to continue exploring such techniques and combine them with our vision to create more exquisite Jewellery collections so stay tuned!


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