Product Care




  • All our Jewelry is made from reclaimed Aluminum and Brass.
  • Our Silver finish is Polished Aluminum and the Gold finish is Polished Brass. We never plate our pieces but apply a light coat of clear enamel/Lacquer to preserve shine of the pieces and to prevent the Brass pieces from tarnishing prematurely.
  • If you are Allergic to non precious materials please take care not to wear our bangles. Pendents may be worn over clothing.
  • Our Pendent chords are made of coated cotton.


Product Care


  • Our Brass pieces may darken over time and develop a patina. They can be easily returned to their original luster with the use of a fine silver polish.
  • The Aluminum pieces will not tarnish but may be occasionally polished with a silver polish to clean them.
  • Our Espresso Bronze finish is an antique plating done over solid Brass. Clean your Jewelry with a soft dry cloth and keep it away from Moisture.

    Store in an airtight box with similar items.

  • Slight variations in the Espresso Bronze finish may occur and these are a result of the hand made process.
  • As with you precious jewellery, protect your Manifest Jewellery pieces from scratches and dents.
  • Be sure to wear your jewelry after you have applied all your make up and perfume.