Stacked Leaf Necklace- Rosegold

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A nature to heart connection is vital for our holistic well-being. We explore this with the creation of our beautiful Stacked LEAF Necklace.

Delicate sculpted heart leaves are strung together to create this versatile necklace.

A unique nature talisman, that we hope you will wear everyday to nourish this crucial relationship that we have with mother nature.

This piece can be worn two different ways- an elegant elongated drop necklace or like a classical neckpiece. Wear two pieces together with a white shirt to work or glam up a handloom kurta with these in mixed metal finishes.

We have cast this piece in the ancient precious healing alloy - PanchDhatu- a unique blend of five metals- Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Zinc that correspond to the five elements- Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space. According to ancient Indian texts these elements are said to be the building blocks of the universe.

It’s truly a very special piece of modern heirloom that will be cherished forever.

Each piece comes in a hand made silk screened presentation box. 

When worn as a pendant necklace-

  • Leaf Pendant Length:  14cm / 5.5” long 
  • Chain Length:                46cm/ 18.5” long

When worn as a regular necklace around-

  • Total Length (with leaves included) :   61cm/ 24” long

Material:   Light Rose Gold plate over Panchdhatu (Product care)



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