Its time to indulge in some bold jewelry

by Samraat Deol October 20, 2014

The jewelry trends have changed as time has passed by. Earlier women would opt for delicate, subtle jewelry over bold chunky jewelry. But as time passed the world witnessed a change in trend and women were seen adorning eye catching, vivid jewels. Bold trendy jewelry has become the new “it” thing, when adorned even with casual couture it never goes unnoticed.

Outfits paired with vibrant jewelry tend to elevate your look to another level. Jewelry available in store these days are being replaced by handcrafted bold jewelry. As consumers are being more aware of the designing and minute details of the accessories, they have started comparing all the products available in store and all over the World Wide Web. We at manifest have noticed how a consumer’s inclination towards handcrafted jewelry has outnumbered their preference towards machine made jewelry.

Manifest design’s in vogue “Manifest Love Collection”, especially handcrafted by our skilled and talented craftsmen offer you a wide range of products to choose from. A couple of our favorite pieces include the most talked Quary cuff,a beautiful royal bracelet which would remind you of the one you might have witnessed as the vintage royalty accessory. This trendy handmade jewelry can be adorned in two colors. The cuff is not exactly a complete circle, what adds a prominent touch to this cuff is the spacing at the end of the bracelet.


Along with the various bracelets & cuffs we also have our most popular and elite Totem pendants, well crafted in aluminum, these pendants are available in a set of 3. They are a product of careful visualization about the forces of nature and thereby it includes the moon, the earth & a pendulum. The most amazing factor about these charm necklaces are that they can be worn individually or in various combinations. When teamed up with a casual summer dress or in elite couture these totem pendants leaves a grand mark on the spectators. Lay your hands on our high class Manifest Love collection and grab some attention, not only from your beloveds but also from the on lookers.

Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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