From GE to MD...

From GE to MD...

by Samraat Deol March 15, 2016

Hello friends, Back in Jan, we'd blogged about sharing our #startup story of setting up Manifest Design.  We thought it...
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How it all began? Read on.....

by Samraat Deol January 15, 2016

Circa 2008It all really began in Brooklyn in the winter of 2008. The snow was deep and it was the...
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Its time to indulge in some bold jewelry

by Samraat Deol October 20, 2014

The jewelry trends have changed as time has passed by. Earlier women would opt for delicate, subtle jewelry over bold...
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Manifest Your Love This September

by Samraat Deol September 24, 2014

The autumn is ripe to set in with the summer heat retreating, nights are growing longer, kids are back to...
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Some girls are born with glitter in their veins

by Samraat Deol September 10, 2014

Being fond of jewelry has always been helpful for women. Stylish jewelry takes peoples’ eyes away from the boring outfits...
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Accessorize your way to your spring Getaway

by Samraat Deol September 06, 2014

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Jewelry becomes an integral item that complements the wearer’s outfit. While exploring...
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