How it all began? Read on.....

Totem Bangle in the snow!

Circa 2008

It all really began in Brooklyn in the winter of 2008. The snow was deep and it was the
year that the Totem bangle took shape and 6 yrs on it was the first piece that was the
starting point when my brother Samraat and I decided to launch Manifest Design.

Back then when I photographed this piece in Prospect Park, we both had somewhat
inspiring jobs in NYC and Delhi and had no idea how this very piece would change our
lives in 2013.

The Totem has remained the inspiring ‘seed ’ the piece that the Refinery29 wrote about
then, the Metropolitan Museum orders hundreds of today, the piece that our mom loves

And now 2 yrs since the inception of MD, Samraat and I finally decided it was time to
blog. We are learning so much crazy stuff, first hand, on a daily bases that we felt it’ll be
fun to share- me on the creative’s, the sales, the production fun stories (although we are
blessed with some truly amazing factories who love us!) and Samraat will write a ‘no
bars’ account of ‘how to start and run a first gen business in India’.

Yup, I think more people will follow him. He’s got some stories!

Sign up, follow etc and enjoy the ride with us.



  • It sure is inspiring, look forward to reading more. :-)

    Posted by Chetan on January 18, 2016

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