Express Your Love by Gifting a Rare Mother’s Day Present

When a new born comes into the world, all he/she understands is the classification of the world as mother and non-mother. This lovely and affectionate relationship starts at the time of conception very and grows with leaps and bounds till the end of life.

A mother is an angel who loves us unconditionally and guides us all through our life.  She is the only divine soul who makes us realize how to perceive things around and succeed in life. Thanking our mothers would not be enough for the sacrifices they have done for us.; “Thank You” is a very small word to express your respect, love and gratitude for a Mother who has not just helped us dream about success but also instilled the belief of “YOU CAN DO IT” in us. This mother’s day, express your love, respect and gratitude for her with a unique gift; and there can be nothing better than a beautiful handmade Jewelry that she would love.

 Ribbon Bracelet

 A bracelet formed with streams of hand-crafted polished aluminum ribbons. If your mother is a fan of antique jewellery, she would definitely be enthralled with this light-weight bracelet, different from other linear pieces, which can be worn along with other antique silver jewellery.

 Sprout Bangle

The asymmetrical sprout bangle is any season jewellery that can be worn with casuals. The rare shape of the bangle has been inspired from the newly formed leaves of sprouting seeds. The Gold finish is Polished Brass applied with a light coat of clear enamel/Lacquer to prevent the Brass pieces from tarnishing prematurely. Surprise her with this unique Indian Jewelry and she is bound to love it.

 Quarry Small Leaf Pendent

 Two abstract leaves delicately joined together symbolize the connection of strong relationship. This pendent is a perfect pick to gift your mother to make her feel extra special. The pendent has a duality feature were the front is furnished in an earthy organic texture while the back is perfectly polished to give a smooth texture. This handmade Jewelry can be worn either ways and would accentuate her ensemble, whether ethnic or modern.

 Quarry Tribal Pendent

 Quarry Tribal Pendent with a geometric pattern that is found in tribal arts. A beautifully designed pendent carved out of polished aluminum, has a soft- rock look on one side and a smooth polished texture on the other. A gift that would remind her of your forever love.

Check out more options here. We wish your mother dear a happy mother’s day!


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