Accessorising with Bracelets

by Samraat Deol June 02, 2014

Most women own a lot of stylish jewelry and are proud of their collection. The downside of having a lot of accessories to choose from is that things can get very confusing when you have to choose just a few ornamental pieces to wear for an occasion. There is a thin line between accessorising just right, and being too decked up with jewelry. As far as bracelets go, these tips should help you:

 The basics of accessorising with bracelets

What holds true for other kinds of jewelry is also true for bracelets: you should pick something that is right for your build and complements your skin tone. For example, if you are a petite person, covering up your forearms in bracelets is not the way to go. Your bracelets should go well with your outfit, too, but they do not have to necessarily follow the colour scheme of your dress.

 Pairing bracelets and rings

Often, women feel that if they wear a bracelet on one wrist, they should not have any rings on the same hand. The truth is, bracelets and rings look great on the same hand. However, you will need to ensure that these two accessories are in harmony with each other. For example, if you wear a cuff bracelet that is plain metal, and in gold-finish, you should wear rings that are also golden, and preferably not very plain. This is a simple yet interesting combination that is sure to look good.

 Bracelets and manicures

When you highlight your arms, wrist and hands through the use of bold jewelry, you need to make sure that all of you looks good. Get a manicure, or if you have time, give yourself one. If you are going to wear metallic bracelets in silver and golden tones, choose nail polish that goes well with the same, like something in metallic shades, but not glittery.


If you still cannot make up your mind about just the kind of bracelet to wear with a certain dress, you could try handmade jewelry. There is sure to be something hand-crafted that will suit your taste and personality, and you can easily buy handcrafted jewelry online.
Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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