Guide to choose jewelry based on your skin tone

Whether you are buying jewelry for yourself, or have landed here as a result of your search online for ‘great gifts for girlfriends', you need to keep in mind that one looks best in jewelry that matches her skin tone. Here is a quick guide explaining skin tone and how it should dictate the jewelry you wear:


Determining skin tone

Skin tone, which is not the same as skin colour, refers to whether the underlying hue of the skin is pink, or yellow. A pink hue is referred to as a cool skin tone, while a yellow hue is called a warm skin tone. If you look better in white or black, than in cream or brown, you probably have a cool skin tone. Similarly, if you look better in white light than in yellow light, you have a cool skin tone, and vice versa. There are many other ways to determine your skin tone: a simple internet search will lead you to the most popular methods.


Cool skin tones

People with cool skin tones tend to look best in jewelry that is silver-finished: it brings out the best in the cool, pink undertones of their skin. As an example, from among our collection, the Bloom bracelet, painstakingly cast in aluminium, would be a great choice for those with a cool skin tone.


Warm skin tones

Gold-finished jewelry flatters warm skin tones beautifully, mingling with the yellow tones that are already in the skin. Our Sprout Bangle, with its sleek form, fashioned out of carefully polished brass, is sure to add to the beauty of women with warm skin tones.


For a glimpse of handmade ornaments to flatter all skin tones, you can look through Manifest Design’s vast collection of handmade jewelry. We are sure that our unique Indian jewelry pieces will accentuate your style and attitude.


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