Layer them on! Emanate sheer elegance!

by Samraat Deol July 01, 2014

The fun lies where ideas click and as far as fashion jewelry is concerned it is ideas like ‘layering’ that are making trends.  To create the desired effect with layering, the jewelry selected must be bold and striking. Try out various combinations of multiple bangles on both arms in tandem with one or more pendant. Be assured that the combination is bound to catch immediate attention at any gathering, sending ripples of satisfaction within your body. Combinations look great when done aesthetically and in the right proportion.

Layer ‘em on


Layering any piece of jewelry requires a lot of attention.  One must be careful not to overdo the act as clutter tends to be too overbearing. Just the right amount and the right size of contemporary fashion jewelry is the mantra for success. The concept is to use bits and pieces that serve to highlight and amplify the main object which on its own may or may not be a picture of elegance. One of the must try options at Manifest Designs is the Spring Mix collection that throws up numerous options combining striking jewelry in shimmering Aluminum giving that undeniable rustic and ethnic look and there is no limit to what all you can combine. Feel free to indulge to mix and match your own favorite pieces as you prepare to walk the street in poise. Heads are sure to turn and certainly the impact layering of this artistically created bold jewelry creates is nothing short of magic. The rule applies in equal measure to necklaces, bangles and bracelets and the combo you select must match perfectly with your skin tone and attire too.

Picture yourself wearing imaginative combinations of wearable art jewelry such as Ribbon Cuffs, Quarry Bangles and Totem pendants available at, to experiment with layering. It is bound to be fun and sure to be exciting.


Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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