Make Your Style Statement with Timeless Totems

by Samraat Deol June 27, 2014

Jewelry and the fairer sex are two sides of the same coin; each created to complement each other. With rapidly evolving fashion trends, jewelry too is witnessing path-breaking creations and totems today are in great demand on account of their sheer creative designs and looks that stand out way above their more traditional cousins. The word ‘totem’ conjures up vivid images of spiritual beliefs of ancient tribes, animals, plants and even families. Often crafted out of comparatively inexpensive materials, their beauty lies in the workmanship of the craftsman. They are simple, yet strikingly elegant bold jewelry that sit well with anything you wear.

Cynosure of all eyes

Everyone wears jewelry and unless you adorn something extra-ordinary you run the risk of going unnoticed at forums that count. Matching the right attire with your bold totem jewelry requires imagination and careful thought for the combo to create the desired impact.

Take your pick

Jewelry freaks can have a field day shopping at Manifest and those who do are sure to walk away with some real beauties. To whet your appetite; here are some totem pieces that make for great combinations, meshing equally well with formal or semi-formal dresses.


 Set of Totem Pendants         Mystical Silver Totem Bangles             Gold Totem Bangle 


Each item in this collection symbolically relates to ancient beliefs that works like a good luck charm or protection for the one who wears it. Do not miss out on the unique shape each carries, emanating positive energy and creating a special impact on those who see it. Equally impactful is the pendent set that combines a variety of random yet perfectly matched powerful shapes.

Time to collect

Logging on to will tell you instantly that you have arrived at the right place to pick up handcrafted jewelry that is in tune with the times, promising to retain its appeal over a long time. Totems are here to make a real fashion statement. Buy antique jewelry onlinenow!


Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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