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by Samraat Deol September 06, 2014

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Jewelry becomes an integral item that complements the wearer’s outfit. While exploring the world of accessories you may come across a wide variety of jewelry that would capture your attention, some people like their jewelry delicate and petite while other like it chunky and ruffled. Even a casual dress can make you feel like a showstopper if you team it up with stylish Jewelry. However one should be too vigilant to spot the difference between boldly dressed and badly dressed. The key pointer to avoid such a blunder revolves around choosing the faultless wearable art jewelry.

A great spring vacation break always begins with a spring fling with traveling. Whether you’re exploring new vicinity or re-visiting your favorite neighborhood, you expect to look your best. We may not be able to help you with the new outfits you’re hoping to lay your hands on this spring however, we at manifest design, can ease your brainstorming with respect to jewelry. Manifest designs focuses on providing you with high end premium quality Handcrafted Jewelry. These pieces of art prove to an amazing fashion statement and are also considered as great gifts for girlfriends/ sisters or any other female who has an inclination towards high class contemporary fashion jewelry. This spring indulge into our exclusive spring mix multitude that displays a number of “must haves” for the spring getaway.

Ribbon cuff

Our ribbon cuff has been one of the most voted designer Jewelry. Thin aluminum ribbons are clipped together at the edges of the bracelet giving it a graceful and stylish look. It tops the list of cuff bracelets for women. Though handcrafted with aluminum it is light weighed and would make a huge impact when teamed up with your chic outfit.

Quary cuff

A beautiful bracelet similar to the ones you’ve always seen the ancient princess wear. We at manifest designs have especially handmade this cuff to give you a glimpse of the past. The bracelet is exceptionally rounded and is available in two colors. What adds the gracious touch to it is the gaping at the end of the bracelet.

Along with the different bracelets & cuffs we also have our most popular Quarry Tribal pendent, crafted in brass in a triangular shape it symbolizes the ethnic Indian jewelry and when teamed up with a casual top or dress works wonders. You can also use the pendent in two different ways as it is textured on one side whereas smoothly polished on the other. One may also easily personalize this pendent with an engraving pen easily available around you.

Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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