Some girls are born with glitter in their veins

by Samraat Deol September 10, 2014

Being fond of jewelry has always been helpful for women. Stylish jewelry takes peoples’ eyes away from the boring outfits thereby making you look voguish and elegant even without a designer wardrobe. With the increasing number of events happening in our day to day life, it gets difficult to wear new outfits each time, however having a moderate collection of contemporary fashion jewelry has proved to be a solution to such problem.


Whether you opt for delicate jewelry or if you’re a fan of bold jewelry, always hand-pick your unique ornaments very carefully. We at Manifest Designs handcraft our fashion statements with utmost care to be able to complement your outfits be it an all day program or an exclusive night event.


Our in vogue “The earth and sky collection” has been a talk of the town for quite some time. It consists of two of our beloved products, the quarry bangles & quarry cuffs in two colours. A mix and match of the two colors give a complete look to any outfit preference. This wearable art jewelry has never failed to captivate its spectators. Looking like it has been inspired from the times of the fairytales; it depicts a perfect picture of being the princess’ favorite accessory. These pieces of expertise prove to an elegant showstopper accessory and are also considered as great gifts for girlfriends or any other female who has an inclination towards unique Indian Jewelry.


A women who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten, oblivion maybe inevitable but this handmade collection creates a huge place in the hearts of the on lookers. When adorned in the right manner on the right occasion this cuff bracelets for womenadd zeal, unblemished and complete look to the attire.

Samraat Deol
Samraat Deol

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