Timeless Mementos for your Sister on Raksha Bandhan

by Samraat Deol August 06, 2014

  On this sacred occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the tradition of gifting your sister has now evolved to become a...
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Pep Up With Bracelets

by Samraat Deol August 01, 2014

A piece of jewellery adorning the wrist is known as a bracelet. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin...
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Layer them on! Emanate sheer elegance!

by Samraat Deol July 01, 2014

The fun lies where ideas click and as far as fashion jewelry is concerned it is ideas like ‘layering’ that...
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Make Your Style Statement with Timeless Totems

by Samraat Deol June 27, 2014

Jewelry and the fairer sex are two sides of the same coin; each created to complement each other. With rapidly...
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Guide to choose jewelry based on your skin tone

by Samraat Deol June 02, 2014

Whether you are buying jewelry for yourself, or have landed here as a result of your search online for ‘great...
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Accessorising with Bracelets

by Samraat Deol June 02, 2014

Most women own a lot of stylish jewelry and are proud of their collection. The downside of having a lot...
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